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 the smells of Jersadelphia

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PostSubject: the smells of Jersadelphia   3/19/2009, 11:45 am

Each morning I raise from dream time in a revelation. every morning. I have to drive to jersey. EVERY MORNING. sometimes Ill show up to work at 9 but most mornings I arrive around 10. I like to get detracted before work. Most of the time I'm dancing around the living room making my lunch and singing to my sandwich. But it's Jersey, so it can wait for me to be ready. And if I feel like dancing all day then I just don't go, Jersey will be there the next day, and if one day it wasn't, who fucking cares it's Jersey.
Anyways lets get on with it. As we all know Philadelphia is a city, and cities tend to smell. and as we all assume, Jersey probably smells as well, and it does. but what most don't realize is where Jersey and Philadelphia connect....there smells connect. Each morning I cross through an odor. The mix of Philly and Jersey is always a powerful aroma of off putting nostril discomfort. And each day is different. Some days its tolerably and other days is non existent, but mostly it smells, mostly.
Here is a list of the different scents I have recognized over the past year of my work commute.

Used Diapers
un-used Diapers
Wet socks
wet dog
what I am assuming is the odor of the devils wife's vagina
stinky feet
a hot room full of really sweaty people
baby powder
moldy cheese
a butt hole
sea food
fast food
burnt hair
burnt plastic
that awesome smell from the dryer - that day was awesome
morning breath
old milk
a lit match
frabreez, if frabreez was full of farts
burning wood
and kitty litter

and now that the weather is getting warmer its going to get worse. I might start capturing the scents in a bottle and by might i mean I am not going to do that.
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PostSubject: Re: the smells of Jersadelphia   3/23/2009, 10:51 am

what's that smell near the sports complex, under one of those little highway bridges. i walked from my car to the stadium one day and i was put off by an odor of extreme foulness. i'm guessing its all the jeresy people coming into town to try and watch a pennsylvania team. any thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: the smells of Jersadelphia   3/26/2009, 5:23 pm

i'm pretty sure that's dead people....
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PostSubject: Re: the smells of Jersadelphia   

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the smells of Jersadelphia
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