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 My boss just now #2

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My boss just now #2 Empty
PostSubject: My boss just now #2   My boss just now #2 Empty3/24/2009, 3:52 pm

Each of the editors has there own email here at work because we all talk directly to the clients, its just our first name @ and our web address. so mine is Willie. this is all important to the story.

So My boss comes into my office to see if I saw the email for the McDonald's beta. and this was our conversation...

boss lady: did you get the email from tina about the McDonald's beta

me: which email did you send it to, willie or info?

boss lady: I didn't know you had a willie

me: (laughing) well I do

boss lady: click your refresh, i sent it to info

me: you can send them to my email

boss lady: well i didn't know you had a willie, click the send receive.

me: (laughing still) you can trust me, I do

boss lady: I forgot you had a willie

me: you have to stop calling it that, just call it my email

(she just now realizes what shes been saying)

boss lady: oh shut up wills, grow up.
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My boss just now #2
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