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 broken hart

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PostSubject: broken hart   broken hart Empty3/25/2009, 10:48 am

my heart broke recently Doc. How can i make the pain go away and get on with my life?
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PostSubject: Re: broken hart   broken hart Empty3/25/2009, 5:05 pm

The classic broken heart, we have all had our hearts broken, some of us have more pieces to put back together then others. I myself have a few shards still out of place. And some of you out there are still naive to the whole concept of having your world shatter before you. Crumbling down like an avalanche of emotions with clenched fists, fists of fury, a fury that beats you down, all the way down to china town. It's awful, and you will all know its pain some day, and if you get lucky and pass by this experience, then fuck you I say. But I digress.

Human by the alias of desperat, the only way to fix the pain is to fill the hole that your breaker has left behind, be it filled with drugs or companionship it needs to be filled. Might I suggest filling it with your self. This was my technique. Figure out who you are. Try some shit you've never done before. Take an impulse trip to no where and get lost. Eat some mushrooms and open you mind to some shit you never thought about before. Sleep on a strangers coach and make them omelets in the morning. Paint a picture of you private parts. Learn to love the shit out of yourself by your self. Then someone will come along and think you're kick ass and want to make babies with you, if you're into that. If kids aren't your thing then be that couple that never gets fat and spends all their retirement money on themselves, fuck yeah.

As for getting on with your life, it's as simple as that. Get on. Go on get on getting. Go to work, go out, play, dance, laugh, meet people. Live. Apply what you've learned about yourself. Be a better person. Kick ass and take names. Shit in the woods again, like when you where a kid, and if you have never shit in the woods then get out there and fucking shit in some woods. liberate your self from toilets. Do some shit you've never done before. Life is to short to not be enjoyed all the time. Shit I'm all pumped up now, lefts drink and climb some rocks. Let's test peoples reaction time by running around in traffic, those last 2 ideas are something we shouldn't do. But you get the idea. Enjoy your self, broken or not this is your only chance to be "desperat" or who ever you are. Live it up. And be patient, these things take time.

If you want some help getting started then lets go out for some drinks and blow some shit up together. I'll make you omelets in the morning.
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broken hart
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