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 Omegle of a day

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PostSubject: Omegle of a day   Omegle of a day Empty4/1/2009, 4:16 pm

I have just discovered Omegle. its a site where you go and talk to a stranger. some random face out there in the world is connected to your chat and you just start talking, that's it. I got addicted to it today. I must of had 50 random conversations today, most of them were serious but a few were just ridiculous. Here are 3 of the conversations I had with a stranger that are mildly entertaining. Warning its incredible offensive immature and pointless. Enjoy the shit out it. I wouldn't read this one Mom.

keep in mine I'm the you and the stranger is stranger.

You: where do u get off
Stranger: sex?
You: ok
Stranger: my parebts bedroom
You: lets
You: im a dude tho
You: that work for u
Stranger: ok u can be oprah i can be captian planet
You: fuck yes
Stranger: ok go
You: combine your powers
Stranger: yea put that dirty ring on me
Stranger: u dirty black bitch
You: look under your chair theres dildos and shit
Stranger: we can fly and fuck
Stranger: im blue
Stranger: too
You: holy fuck
You: yes
You: your balls are blue
Stranger: lol my professor just said
You: ill fix that shit


Stranger: hi
You: oh hi
You: whats up
Stranger: nothing
You: fuck yeah
Stranger: where ya from?
You: philly
You: u?
Stranger: pardon?
You: u french
Stranger: Watch your language please
You: i watched it
Stranger: children are on this site
You: holy fuck really
You: thats crazy
Stranger: Please sir, watch your language
You: kids do some crazy shit
Stranger: It's rude
Stranger: PLEASE?!
You: liek this one time i saw a kid eat this shit like dude
You: fuck me it was crazy
You: you ever see that shit
You: i saw it
You: no lie


I have no words for this one
You: where do u get off

Stranger: in the butt

You: nice

Stranger: seriously

Stranger: i love dicks

Stranger: in my butt

You: good

You: we all should

You: slam it in there

Stranger: all the time

You: all day everyday

Stranger: until it's sloppy and floppy

You: its mandatory

Stranger: then do it over

You: just get more dicks for it

You: big bags of dicks

You: and just just fill it up

Stranger: Like with 80 of them

You: even more if need be

Stranger: my butt is like a parking meter

You: it better be

You: i need to park

You: like soon

Stranger: a dime gets you another 30 minutes

You: im gonna bust load everywhere

Stranger: ah yess

Stranger: all over my tits

You: some many loads are going to bust

You: all over the tits

Stranger: cum buckets

You: im gonna bouce the tits

You: bounce the shit out of them till they cant bounce no more

Stranger: im gonna take them off then put them on you

You: then im gonna bust more loads

Stranger: then I bounce and blow loads

You: thats gonna make more loads busting

Stranger: mother fucker

You: so many loads

Stranger: you got me busting loads

Stranger: so many

Stranger: loads

You: damn man i just busted a load

You: like 6 loads

Stranger: I just busted 10


You: thats nuts

You: that made me bust more loads

Stranger: I know

You: aw so many loads

Stranger: i didn't know i have it in me

Stranger: just like more dicks

You: i can barly type theres so many loads on my keyboard

Stranger: that's hot

Stranger: and sticky

You: tons of dicks dude

Stranger: holy fuck

Stranger: the loads dont stop

Stranger: coming

You: its like a fountain of loads

You: or a rain storm

Stranger: I'm gonna take a shower

You: raining loads

Stranger: of loads


well thats what I do during my work day...what do you get paid to do with your life?
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Omegle of a day
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