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 Sunday video, whats up?

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PostSubject: Sunday video, whats up?   4/6/2009, 12:53 am

There was no video this Sunday we apologize, the weather kinda dicked us all week. But we shot a bunch of footage for the actual show all day Sunday, so we aren't wasting our time here. So be patient, we aren't going any where. Lots more comedy is on the way.
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PostSubject: Re: Sunday video, whats up?   4/6/2009, 11:13 am

Yeah...blame the rain and the 40 hour work week.

Also...please blame cherries, captain crunch, fuse-ball (yes fuse-ball; a game in which a fuse is the ball and the circuit breaker is the goal...full tackle), spiders, witches, modern medicine, ProxCard II, a 24 hour ShamWOW marathon, glue, hyperbolic pressure, notepads, foam grips for bicycle handlebars, Richard Bachman, former president GW bush, soft pretzels, inoperable brain tumors, heavy metal 2000, ear drums, Easter, fantasy soccer leagues, fingerprints, and John F. Kennedy.
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Sunday video, whats up?
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