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 Lunch talk - marrying old people for money

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who out there would marry an old as balls person for huge stacks of cash?
Fuck yeah I'd marry and fuck an old dude/chick for shit tons of cash. Dalla' dalla' bills ya'll.
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Yes I would. But I'd acquire a drug related addiction to get me through the sex.
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I would, but I would try and avoid any affection.
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I'd flip a coin if givin' the option. And I would definitely go down on the old bastard.
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I'd marry the old shit but I'd try and have the prick off'ed, or frame the wrinkly fuck for cheating or some shit. cuz I'm an asshole like that.
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Fuck no, that's gross.
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dude, I don't know, how drunk am I during this whole thing?
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PostSubject: Lunch talk - marrying old people for money   4/9/2009, 10:46 am

When ever I gather around the lunch table in the break room the conversation never goes the direction your normal work talk would go. This was yesterdays conversation.

The director of client relations was talking about a man that she worked with who is older and rich, widowed and divorced, also a very nice man. We talked about how he had no problems with the ladies as they tend to find the money. The conversation quickly turned to, could you marry for money. She said she could, at this point in her life (says a lot about her personality). The office manager said she couldn't if there wasn't any attraction there. She couldn't fuck some old guy just for the money, cuz there all old and crap. So I added, "what if he held the money in front of him during sex, or tossed the money all over you the whole time, made it rain and what have you" then they started talking about how if he is old he might not really be interested in sex, or you could just dress frumpy and get fat, and then I added, "what if you did it in the big pile of money, or he was covered with a huge pile of money so there was just this dick sticking out of a big ass pile of Benjamen's, and then essentially, it would just be you fucking a big pile of money.
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Lunch talk - marrying old people for money
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