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 WMG is on my nuts

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WMG is on my nuts Empty
PostSubject: WMG is on my nuts   WMG is on my nuts Empty4/10/2009, 3:08 pm

the Warner Music Group is all over my nuts.

My old you tube account has a few student shorts I did while in college, these videos use some music that WMG owns the rights to. So because the few hundred views that they have gotten (over the past fucking forever) I guess my shits a big enough deal that they decided to take some action. The 114 views my student film got comes a little to close to the 100,000 views a lot of videos average the day they are posted. So 2 of my videos have had their audio removed.

Now the Universal music group owns the music in my Trojan Ad, so it is now blocked in some countries and they have placed ads on the page when you watch it. at least they allowed it to keep the audio.

I'm not really interested in getting my audio back, or having my Trojan Ad returned to what ever country it's blocked from (like anyone out side of the US has even seen the thing) I just want to know who ever discovered I was using this music thought of my videos...did they enjoy any of it. Cuz if they thought it was all shit, and then took my shit away, well then they are now my enemy. because this would of allowed a great level of enjoyment for them. And I would like a reason to put on a cape and mask and hunt some wisely little shit down and slap his nuts real hard so he feels like he has to vomit for a while.

but if the dude/dudet liked the videos then I can rest easy knowing they didn't enjoy silencing such poetic film making, such as that that is found in my shit.

word. up. bitches.
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WMG is on my nuts
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