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 Omegle - some more stranger danger

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PostSubject: Omegle - some more stranger danger   4/13/2009, 3:02 pm

I have been keeping all my conversations with strangers on record for no reason at all. Here is one from a few days ago.

Stranger: hi
You: yeah thats right
You: Im made it
You: for you
You: cuz i love you
Stranger: yes
You: forever
Stranger: yes
You: we can dance
Stranger: yes
You: all night
Stranger: yes
You: and i will cook
Stranger: in bed
You: everything
You: oh yes
You: beds
You: all the beds
You: we have a bed
You: for us
Stranger: yessssssssss
You: its going to be wonderful
Stranger: yes
You: i got a promotion
Stranger: yES
You: we have a bigger bed
You: its huge
Stranger: YEAH
Stranger: OOH YEAH
You: we cook even better food
You: we dance more
You: our loving is growning
Stranger: yesssssssss!!!!!!!!
You: i was hit by a bus
You: i died
Stranger: yes
Stranger: YRES!!!!!
You: you collect alot of money
You: life insurence
Stranger: hell yeah!!!
You: you find someone else
You: there not for you
Stranger: obviously
You: u spend all the money on ur self
You: its awesome
Stranger: lovely
You: enjoy your day stranger this was entertaining
Stranger: yes
You: yes
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PostSubject: Re: Omegle - some more stranger danger   4/13/2009, 4:44 pm

haha I think i feel an Omegle section of the forums coming up soon...yes.
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Omegle - some more stranger danger
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