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 No New Videos in 2 weeks, what gives fellas?

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No New Videos in 2 weeks, what gives fellas? Empty
PostSubject: No New Videos in 2 weeks, what gives fellas?   No New Videos in 2 weeks, what gives fellas? Empty4/14/2009, 4:36 pm

We apologize, but be assured we are not sitting on our asses looking pretty (although we are looking quite pretty these days). We are working very hard on bringing Episode 2 to you as soon as possible and we're also working on some really great supplemental videos. We are men of big ideas and occasionally we think beyond our current means. What does that...uh, mean? Well, as we've mentioned before we are 2 guys - 1 camera - full time jobs. So when we get epic it tends to take a long time. But we figured you would rather have big intense videos than a bunch of bullshit we throw up just to throw it up. What's that saying they say? It's not the size that matters but how well you can pump your dick in and out? I don't know, something like that.

We are also currently relocating our homes and our office. By that i mean, we are finally getting an office and moving to a real apartment with walls that don't bleed lead paint and windows that close all the way. We should be all settled in by this weekend and once that happens a lot more will start to move fluidly and we should be able to get more accomplished. Thank you once again for your patience with us throughout this difficult time...We promised big things and we intend to keep that promise.
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No New Videos in 2 weeks, what gives fellas?
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