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 Got milk? I do not.

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PostSubject: Got milk? I do not.   5/6/2009, 1:15 pm

Last night I had left my milk in the back seat of my car thinking I was going to go home soon. It would be OK sitting in the cold rainy car for a bit. But as time grew past I decided to just crash at my friends so I returned to my car to put my milk in her fridge for the night. To my surprise I discovered that someone had smashed the back passenger window and stolen my milk. Nothing else. Just the milk. They must of been thirsty.

This is what I believe to be the story of thief that night. Told in 1st person.

It was another cold and rainy day. I am walking the streets after being laid off earlier this morning. My figure tips are pale raisins and my cloths stick to me skin, heavy and wet. The sun is going to set soon. I fear returning to my home with no food for my family. No more income to feed us. House us. Keep us warm and safe from the cruel world that waits to pick up the downtrotten and turn them to a life of crime. A life of evil. Not me. I have worked hard all my life to lead an honest life. I will not stray from my moral code and whole heartedness. I can find a new job. I can get back on my feet. I see a homeless man perusing through a garbage can. I don't let this phase me. I am strong. I have my families love to support me. I can and will get through this. A bus rockets by diving head first into a sea that has formed at a cross walk. A wave crashes over the curb and swallows me whole. I stand still for a moment. Trying not to think of the sewage that is over flowing into the streets causing these city lakes. My wet skin is now grimy. My once rained cover body is now poisoned with filth. I shake it off. I can shower once I'm home. Once I'm safe. This day will be over soon and I will be with my families support. My loving family. They have always been there for me through all the hard ships in our past and I know that they will still, holy shit there's milk in the back seat of this car, mother fucking jack pot. I break the fuck out of this fuckers window and I take that shit. Fuck him and fuck everyone else. Now I'm off to find crack and a gang to join so I can start to commit all sorts of dumb ass crimes to people I don't know or have any real beef with. Welcome to the concrete jungle bitch. My jungle. I then jump into a phone booth and strip down my day cloths to reveal my cape and spandex. I am now Captain Crime. I take flight and sore over the streets below. Tonight I will give this city something to fear. Tonight it will learn the name of evil. My name.

cut to black

roll credits

sell rights for a squeal
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PostSubject: Re: Got milk? I do not.   5/6/2009, 1:29 pm

wow. one of our neighbors got broken into also (although i think mon night). the car not the apt. Thank you Philadelphia. Thank you god of the city streets. We bathe in these crimes and offer them up to you in hopes that you will protect us from them in the future.
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Got milk? I do not.
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