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 drink while sick

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PostSubject: drink while sick   5/29/2009, 9:43 am

i have been sick all week with the cold but would like to rage out in a drunkin stupor this weekend.
what is your advice?
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PostSubject: Re: drink while sick   5/29/2009, 1:07 pm

Fist of all being sick with a cold is a sign of weakness, stop this immediately. Second of all drink. Immediately. And don't put it in the butt. This is a hole that many have ventured down. Don't. Shit comes out of there. I don't give two good god damns how sparkling clean your sphincter is. No. It's first job is to properly escort feces out of your colon. Its second job is to never have a dick in it. So drink like a fish this weekend and make sure to keep your dick in the right direction.

Rage away my friend.
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drink while sick
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