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 The SOB died

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The SOB died Empty
PostSubject: The SOB died   The SOB died Empty6/24/2009, 4:03 pm

Stranger: hi
Stranger: from?
You: from everywhere at the same time
You: all at once
You: u?

time passes

You: thats awesome

time passes

You: if you died just now let me know
You: i dont want to be waiting around all day for a dead person

time passes

You: you are dead
You: i knew it
You: again i get a person who is in the middle dieing
You: everytime its hey hello
You: then nothing
You: dead
Stranger: hohoho stop it
Stranger: i'm not dead
You: hooray
Stranger: yeaaaaaah let's praise the lord
You: i was beginning to think this site was murdering people
Stranger: yeah, it's just like a nuclear weapon
You: that would be just awful
You: son of a bitch nuclear web sites
You: every other day
You: its more nucks
You: nukes
Stranger: brb
You: dont die

time passes

You: well i am assuming you have dropped dead in your place somewhere and i am now going to leave before they think I did it. like they always do.
You: watch it love it hate it. watch it again.
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The SOB died
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