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 A quick dance

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A quick dance Empty
PostSubject: A quick dance   A quick dance Empty6/24/2009, 4:10 pm

You: im glowing with enthusiasm
Stranger: same.
You: lets do this
Stranger: ok.
You: lets go on an adventure
Stranger: like dora.
You: who ever your comfortable with
Stranger: mhm
You: the limits are limitless
Stranger: i know.
You: i feel like making a new dance
You: and not telling anyone
Stranger: do it.
You: then ill dance it
You: and everyone will be like
You: shit
You: check that out
You: what is that
Stranger: haha
Stranger: where are you from.
You: philadelphia
You: u?
Stranger: somewhere in pa
You: awesome
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A quick dance
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